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Enjoy free educational games to help grow your knowledge of the Bible and so much more while having FUN!


Played like the Jeopardy game you see on TV, there are "answers" (clues) to which the contestant must give the answers are put on a grid, and each contestant chooses a monetary value in the category.

Bible-based Sunday school games for grade school that are both fun and challenging to support your Bible lessons and help teach kids the Word of God.

Kid's It's time for learning and lots of fun! Play safe, free, online games with your favorite Bible characters. Test your memory, practice coloring, and challenge yourself – all while having a blast and learning at the same time.

TurtleDiary activities are compatible with grade levels K-5 and provide opportunities to enhance material retention and increase success in the classroom.

Supperbook allows children to find new and exciting way to read the Bible. It also provides various games from quizzes to puzzle that allow them to learn more about the Bible in a fun and exciting way.

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